Axe Your Ex

Some relationships end...

Some relationships end…

When a romantic relationship ends it generally concludes on a sour note leading to a heavy heart and bouts of sadness and reminisces of old fond memories and romantic moments. How long should your grief period last? Well it is said it takes you half the time your relationship period to get over your ex. Till you are very sure you have gotten over your ex it is dangerous to get into another relationship as it is bound to cause you and your new partner misery. You maybe tempted to indulge into a few rebound relationships immediately after your break up as you are not used to being single any more. But do resist that indulgence as it may cause you another heart ache. Only start a new relationship when you are very sure you have got rid of the last remnant of the old relationship from your head, heart and soul. How to get over your ex, once and for all?

1. Get busy as a bee

Like they say that an empty mind is a devils workshop. The more free time you have in your hands the more likely you are bound to think about your past relationship and feel sad about it. Whirl up your social calendar and your time table so that you have no time to breathe. Focus on some ignored aspects of your life that had taken a back seat during your romantic episode. Like you can now spend more time with family, catch your favourite soccer games on television, learn a foreign language or complete your list of pending tasks.

2. Make more friends

Keep yourself busy... Meet other people and leave the past behind

Keep yourself busy… Meet other people and leave the past behind

As a single don’t be in a rush to find a partner again. Take your time and mingle with other singles and make more friends. Hangout with new friends and exchange light banter with them to pep up yourself. However do not wear your heart on your sleeve and get ready for another relationship too soon. Also don’t bore your new friends with the romantic tales of your ex.

3. Scrap away old memories

Don’t get into the trap of curating your romantic memories as this would not let you get out of your grief period.

If need be perform a ritual of burning away all the things that remind you of you ex. You can take the help of your best friends to make it more fun and less traumatic.

4. Cut off communication

Seeing the posts of your ex on face book or any other social media website or chat may tempt you to open a conversation of having a chat with him or her. It’s advised to remove him or her from your social media till you are very sure you are over that person.

5. Work on yourself

Break free from your past and rebuild your life

Break free from your past and rebuild your life

Every failed relationship brings a series of lessons for you. Make sure you learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them in your next relationship. Take this time to work on yourself and build yourself!

You may have had a broken heart but your soul is intact. Apart from the above ways to get over your ex it is important to be a good person and forgive your ex if you are holding any grudge against him or her. The sooner you can forgive your ex the sooner you can forget about them!

Retirement Savings – Steering The Status Of Your Retirement

Plan for a happy retirement

Plan for a happy retirement

Retirement savings and benefits should be invested and not consumed. This is because they are meant to sustain livelihood years after retirement. Therefore, those living beyond these benefits risk a deteriorated financial future and living. So, how can you avoid outliving your retirement benefits?

5 Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings

1. Securing social security benefits

Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits

Social security benefits are distributed out for a lifetime. Therefore, this means that they mark your first line of defense against outliving on your retirement savings. Luckily, anyone who qualifies for a social security funding will never run out of living finances but can cut on their lifestyle standards if they run short of retirement savings. Therefore, the best way to avoid outliving on your retirement saving would be to secure a social security immediately after employment.

2. Embracing calculated, systematic withdrawals

Financial advisors according to New York Times advise withdrawing no more than 3-4% of your retirement benefits (and perhaps adjusted for inflation) each financial year. The strategy carries the risk that you will live longer than expected, your investments could perform poorly or potentially, you can fail to stick to the plan therefore spending more than required. Therefore, embracing such systematic and calculated withdrawals with definitely enable you to avoid outliving on retirement savings.

3. Screening on available pension plans

For those working in sectors, organizations or even companies offering pension plans, it is important to screen on how the plans work throughout your retirement.. Most retirees consider this as the second source of income therefore limiting withdrawals from retirement savings accounts. However, devising a plan on how to make maximum use of your pension so as to save on your retirement would be a great step towards avoiding outliving on given retirement benefits.

4. Immediate annuities

Immediate annuities allow you to hand over a chunk of your retirement benefits to an insurance company in exchange of guaranteed monthly payments for the rest of your life. Although the fees and costs of certain annuities might be generally higher, you will definitely not be able to pass the amount you earn to heirs. However generally, immediate annuities are critical and especially if you want to avoid living on your retirement savings.

5. Early mortgage pay off

Pay off your mortgage

Pay off your mortgage

Paying off a mortgage early allows you to channel your savings to other platforms besides housing and paying off a mortgage. Although many will come with whooping bills that can take decades to settle, some are not financially inclusive and proper timing and expenditure on living finances can help you meet an early payoff.

Retirement savings and benefits – a milestone after employment

For many retirees, transitioning from a status of accumulating wealth to that of a depleting account is basically not a common scene. Indeed, no one will welcome an incidence of running out of money when it is difficult to earn more. Therefore, retirement savings are critically viewed, not only by those in retirements, but also by many retrospect in the employment niche. And the basic rule of thumb according to financial advisors reflects one basic concern, to avoid outliving on given retirement benefits and savings.

Motivate Your Employees- It Is Not Always About “Money”

Motivate your employees and they will perform better

Motivate your employees and they will perform better

It is always believed that money is what motivates an employee. However, this is not always true. If you speak to mid-level and senior-level employees, majority of them will tell you that money does not motivate them. Few other things may motivate an employee more than money. Here are top five motivating factors apart from money:


Give recognition to your employees  for a job well done

Give recognition to your employees for a job well done

Some people say that people work and stay in an organization only for two reasons. These are money and recognition. Recognition drives people to feel that they are important. Recognize the good work by your employees. In the quarterly meeting, one on one meeting and team meetings bring up the names of people who have performed well. Be a “Go giver” when giving recognition. It will not cost you anything but motivate the employee to strive for better results in the future.

Good work environment

A good work environment goes a long way not only in retaining an employee but in also motivating them. Create an environment where you are approachable. Keep a casual fun chat time with your employees on a Friday or keep casual or theme dress days like a hat day or jacket day to create a friendly environment.


If you are able to find out the core reason of an employee and can match it with the purpose of the role, then they will always give their best to the organization. If an employee identifies his or her reason with the company’s vision they will have an emotional connect with the company’s values. Sit with your employee one on one and create missions that bind the group together. People may not work for money but they will always work for a purpose, which matches their value system.

Macro management is better than micro management

Create autonomy in the organization. Give your employees the freedom to take responsibility and ownership of the targets. Higher mid-level and senior level people do not liked to be micro managed. Give them a free hand to reach the desired targets. This gives them sense of ownership and displays your trust on them. Moreover, they may come up with out of the box idea that you could not think off. Lastly, it also creates accountability in the organization.

Constant career growth

Employees will work for a little less pay in the organization if they see a growth path ahead of them career wise. Lay down a structure of growth that motivates the employee to go higher and higher in the corporate ladder. Create hierarchies and job titles that make them proud of their work. If they see that they will be doing the same work for next four years, they might get de-motivated sooner. Empower them to reach to their next dream position. However, be careful not to create competition within the team.

A good work environment helps to create a team that works for the company

A good work environment helps to create a team that works for the company

While these may or may not work to motivate an employee, it can create a healthy environment for an organization to grow. People like to stick to a company, which constantly evolves and grows.